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Text templates

Tired of starting again from scratch? Use text templates to rapidly create new texts for SMS campaigns starting from a standard text that can be modified to meet current needs.

Concatenated SMS

Had enough of Short Messages? Exceed the 160 character limit using the concatenated SMS option and give free rein to your creativity using up to 1,000 characters. Type as much as you like - the counter will keep you updated on the number of characters in real time.

Delivery receipt

Tired of having no idea whether or not delivery was successful? Choose delivery receipt notification to be informed of the date and time (in hours, minutes and seconds) of SMS receipt.


All your data at your fingertips. Access the sending history, identify the selected sending and export the report in .xls or csv format.

Real-time reception

Using our paid SMS reception service, you can receive SMS on your platform and/or your application and, when necessary, send an automatic reply to your customers.


From SMS to the web. Using our link-landing service in just a few clicks you can create a smartphone-optimised web page with multimedia contents that can be accessed from a link contained in the SMS you send to all your contacts.

Web-based solution

The Mobyt application is an easy and intuitive web-based solution. No technical skills required.

Customise your messages

Forget impersonal and anonymous messages: you can now create and store your customised sender ("Company Inc.") in compliance with AGCOM rules and address your contacts by name using the dynamic fields ("Dear %NAME%, We are waiting for you...")

97% of all Italians aged 16 and over own a mobile phone (with or without Internet connection)

Last year we delivered more than 350,000,000 SMS