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Our company


Mobyt delivers highly reliable solutions for the sending and receipt of SMS messaging services and emailing to support new marketing and advertising opportunities. Our services are currently used by over 28,000 companies, 70% of which are Italian.


Business continuity is our strength, drawing on a platform developed and managed within the company and round-the-clock client assistance provided by in-house resources on all levels. Mobyt’s platform is directly connected to Italian and French mobile operators through dedicated lines. All lines, services and appliances are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Mobyt s.r.l. was established in 2002 as an SMS messaging service provider to companies, based on the experience of Giorgio Nani and Sandro Edelvais, formerly founders of Widestore, one of Italy’s top Web Hosting companies. We commenced our global expansion in late 2005, when Mobyt France s.a.r.l. was established as a French-based branch, to take Mobyt services to the French-speaking market.
Since 2012, Mobyt has continued to widen its horizons with the incorporation of its Mobyt Inc. branch in Boston, U.S.A. With its second overseas branch, Mobyt serves the 'stars and stripes' mobile service market, which offers great growth prospects.
All the while, Mobyt has consolidated its position as the Italian market leader, guaranteeing service coverage in more than 200 countries.


Thanks to its steady and constant growth over time, Mobyt S.p.A. was founded on 16 December 2013. Its in-depth market knowledge has allowed Mobyt to enhance its proprietary platform by delivering new cross-integrated services.
Today Mobyt is a brand by Commify Italia S.p.A..

6 Offices, 3 countries: Italy, France and USA.

We reach more than 200 countries around the world by SMS